Balloon Drop & Release Kits

Our balloon drops and kits are easy to use so virtually anyone can successfully complete an impressive balloon drop. Perfect for New Year's Eve, Weddings, Grand Openings, political events or just a simple birthday party they will add a fun festive element to your celebration.  They've been used and trusted by decorators and special event professionals for many years.

Great skill is not required, however, you will typically want to gather as many hands as possible and allow a few hours for setup.  Most of these with the exception of the Balloons Away are net kits which are reusable.  Balloon Drop kits do not include balloons so be sure to choose your balloons separately from our premium latex balloon line.  Kits are rated based on 9 inch latex balloons, but you can use whatever balloon size you prefer.  Simply adjust the quantity accordingly.  They can also be used for release!

Want to see how this works?  Check out our short balloon drop setup how to video!