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5 foot Vinyl Display Balls

5 foot Vinyl Display Balls
Quick Overview

Maximum Net Lift 1/2 lb.

Maximum Recommended Payload - Zero

Fill Volume 65 cu. ft.

Helium Use Indoors Only

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5 foot Diamater Refillable Vinyl Spheres For Decorators and Novices Alike

Use as affordable colorful display pieces for any event. These reusable products are highly cost effective particularly for special event professionals and decorating contractors. These 5 foot units are primarily intended for air inflation. With Helium they provide 1/2 lb of lift which will just float indoors. Not suitable for outdoor helium filled applications.

  • Float In a Pool or Fountain
  • Hang from Ceiling, Place on Floor or a Base
  • Fill Large Spaces with Color and Mass
  • Throw Into Crowds at Festivals, Concerts and Sporting Events
  • Project Graphics, Images or Colors
  • Use as Mold for Paper Mache or Fiberglass
  • Spot Light for Extra Impact!

Each 5 foot ball features a special recessed dual fill valve, a single hanging attachment, instruction sheet and repair material. Inflate quickly and easily with our quality built electric inflator/deflators, or with helium using our 5 ft. inflation hose.