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10 foot Vinyl Balloons

10 foot Vinyl Balloons
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Maximum Net Lift 14 lbs.

Maximum Recommended Payload 9.0 lb.

Fill Volume 525 cu. ft.

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Reusable vinyl balloons are highly effective eye catching advertising tools and also make outstanding colorful display pieces for any event.

These refillable products are a great lower cost alternative to polyurethane and nylon inflatables. These 10 foot balloons are suitable for helium or air inflation and will fly very well outdoors. Weight approximately 13lbs. Maximum net lift 14 lbs. Maximum Recommended Payload 9.0 lb. Fill volume 525 cubic feet.

Each 10 foot balloon features 2 special recessed dual fill valves, tether harness and line, a single hanging attachment in the top, instruction sheet and repair material. Inflate quickly and easily with one of our quality built electric inflator/deflators, or with helium using our 5 ft. inflation hose.