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Premium Twist-N-Flate

Premium Twist-N-Flate

Portable, battery-powered, high-pressure inflator specifically designed for all sizes of modeling balloons for Twisters, Clowns, and Professional Entertainers. 

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Designed to easily inflate 160 & 260 modeling balloons ONLY, without pre-stretching.
  • Unique “Activation Switch” for high speed single-handed nozzle attachment and inflation of balloon.
  • “Activation Switch” designed for right or left hand use with any portion of the hand or finger.
  • High-Powered Battery will run about 3-hours, generally long enough to inflate up to 500 balloons.
  • “Quick-Change” battery compartment for quick, simple change of battery.
  • Wireless connection of the battery within the compartment for efficient, trouble-free battery changes.
  • “Battery Level Indicator”, shows current charge, Green (3/3 charge) to Yellow (2/3 charge) to Red (1/3 charge).
  • Universal, world-wide battery charger with, short cord set for Euro, UK, USA, Australian and Japan.
  • Battery can be charged during use for extended performance.   
  • Universal nozzle tip is designed to fit both 160 & 260 modeling balloons.
  • Premium quality engineering and materials for lasting performance and reliability.
  • 1 Year Conditional Manufacturer's Warranty
IMPORTANT: The Twist-N-Flate® was designed to be a high-pressure, portable, battery powered air inflator to inflate 160 and 260 latex modeling balloons ONLY. It was designed for MOMENTARY use, which is a MAXIMUM of 5-seconds ON and a MINIMUM of 60 seconds OFF. For all other balloon inflation use the PREMIUM Mini Cool Aire®Inflator.

Warranty or returns must be handled directly with the manufacturer.  Information cards are provided with the product.  BalloonsDirect is not able to accept returns on this item or handle warranty claims.