Pennant Strings & Tether Ropes

Pennant strings make anchoring giant balloons a snap while also adding extra color and visual impact to your display!  Or use them without balloons to string between light poles, across parking lots, around signage or even inside your store to create attention getting displays.  Retailers, auto dealers, shopping centers and apartment complexes are just a few of the many customers using pennant flag strings to draw customer traffic.

Each string is 105 feet long and carries 48 flags. Each flag is 12" by 18". Available in many different color combinations one is sure to match your needs. You may also order custom color combinations with a low minimum of 25 strings at no additional cost. Call or email to place your special order.

Braided nylon tether ropes can be used in place of or in addition to pennant strings.  Very strong, but light in weight they are a great alternative for larger balloons or when pennant strings are too heavy for your balloon to carry.  Use in addition to pennant strings for added security or to add extra flying height.