New Lower 1000 piece minimum on Full Color Flexographic Printed Foil Balloons

Jimmy Dean Custom 18 inch Round Foil Balloon

We're delighted to be able to offer mylar foil balloon 1000 piece custom print runs using the Flexographic print process.  This means your balloons are manufactured to order in just a few weeks.

Promote Breast Cancer Awareness in October


So, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  This probably comes as no surprise to most of you. Approximately 12% of women in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during their lifetimes.  While rates of diagnosis began dropping in 2000 and survival rates are on the increase the death rate from breast cancer in the US is still higher than for any other cancer besides lung cancer.

Latex Free balloons? A bit of clarity on a growing concern.


Due to growing awareness of latex allergies we get lots of calls for latex free balloons - it is a big issue and not just in the world of balloons, and we've written about it previously.   It seems straight forward enough.  It ought to be easy to get a toy balloon made from synthetic rubber.  After all, they make surgical gloves from nitrile rubber and you can get them from hundreds of places.

Our "How To" Balloon Drop Video - Back Up and Running In Time For New Years Celebrations.


Fortunately, our How To Balloon Drop instructional video is back up and running after a brief downtime so you have no excuses.  It's not too late to take advantage of reduced or FREE shipping on all the stuff you'll need. But in just a matter of a few days you'll be in good company, joining the folks who pay for Overnight shipping.  So, go ahead and procrastinate.

Get Your Balloons Direct and Top Notch Service at Super Low Prices


About 25 years ago, the business behind sought to improve the balloon-buying experience for all Americans by offering wholesale balloon prices directly to customers. We were a true online pioneer for balloon ordering. When we originally launched our website in 1998, the goal was to supply party-planners and event managers (and the rest of us) with superior quality balloons at the lowest possible cost. We wanted to be the go-to spot on the internet for bargains on balloons and accessories like affordable air-blowers.

New Years Eve 2014 Sets Records!


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates set a new Guinness world record this week when it set off 400,000 fireworks on New Year's Eve 2014 covering some 62 miles of the city state's waterfront.  Our New Year's Super Saver shipping deals also set records for holiday sales.

Balloon Drops for New Years or Special Event - not Rocket Science!

Balloon Pro Net

"We want a balloon drop for New Years Eve and are looking at your balloon drop kits, but... how do you do it?  How hard is it?"   It's definitely that time of year again because they come every day.  I think it's probably the most popular set of questions we get, year round.

NYE in NYC? Not! Maybe Just Stay Home and Decorate with New Years Eve Balloons Instead


Maybe you are thinking this is the year to ring in New Year's Eve amongst the bright lights and big crowds of New York's Times Square?  As much fun as it sounds like it would be you might want to read up on Jessica's Participate in New Years Eve in NYC experience before booking that hotel room.

How U Will Play Next - the Wii U Launch Foil Balloon Project

Wii U balloon group

It's not everyday that a whole new game console is introduced, but today is one!  When Nintendo brought the long awaited Wii U console to market we were pleased to be called upon to screen print foil balloons for their Nintendo World Midnight Launch Event at New York's Rockefeller Plaza.

Creative people and giant balloons go hand in hand


It never ceases to amaze us.  When creative ideas and proper execution come together it can be understated brilliance.  We in the world of big balloons (and small) see it all the time but sometimes a concept just jumps out at you.  It's when the line is invisible between advertising and art and they become one story.

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