High Altitude Weather Balloons

As top distributors for almost 30 years of the original Toy-Tex Chloroprene Cloudbuster Weather Balloon (now part of the Pioneer line) we've shipped these balloons to every state in the US and dozens of foreign countries. Since 1939 these balloons have been made by a unique rotational molding process which is completely different from normal dipping techniques used for making latex balloons. We've observed as these balloons have been transformed from simple lifting devices for carrying cameras and weather instruments, into colorful party and event display balloons, projection surfaces for artists and DJ's, and a multitude of different advertising concepts. We've seen colors added to encompass a wide range of event decorator needs. Also in this time drones have been developed and have become amazing flying devices that almost anyone can afford. What's interesting here is that while drones can capture beautiful footage and send it back to a phone they cannot do the high altitude work that a helium filled cloudbuster balloon can do.

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We carry out door Chloroprene Weather Balloons for all uses. Chloroprene is a type of synthetic rubber that has:

Good mechanical strength
Very high elasticity
High ozone and weather resistance
Good aging resistance
Low flammability
Good resistance toward chemicals

A chlorprene weather balloon is a high altitude balloon which carries instruments high in the sky to retrieves information on atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed.

If you have never seen a weather balloon, USA Today explains how they work:

Weather balloons carry instrument packages called radiosondes high into the atmosphere that gather essential upper-air data needed to forecast the weather. These instruments are launched twice a day at 1,100 sites around the world. Temperature, humidity and air pressure are measured at various altitudes and transmitted via radio waves to a receiving station. Radio navigation supplies wind speed and direction at each altitude.