Balloon Helium Shortage News Deflating Your Party Plans?

Yep, here we go again with news of worldwide helium shortages this time!

It seems like every couple of years the same news starts wrecking people's balloon decor plans. It might be your first time getting helium for birthday balloons, or setting up a corporate event but your local gas supplier is only servicing existing customers. Or, depending on your location it might not be an issue at all!

It's never great to hear of big time helium shortages when your entire business is largely dependant on helium being available, but there are a number of workarounds that can help get you through a dry spell until the supply pipeline is refilled. After all, helium is the second most plentiful gas known to man and there appears to be lots of it still underground. Who knows how much is as yet completely undiscovered?

But back to the topic of how to survive a helium shortage and still use balloons. Latex balloons, like regular party balloons can always be air filled and attached to basic sticks with balloon cups, or kick it up a notch with something even more decorative like the colorful Magic Balloon Wand by Premium Balloon Accessories. Similarly, standard sized foil balloons can be attached to sticks with cups and anchored in flower pots or bases for table decorations. If you normally use 11 or 12 inch latex balloons with your logo you can switch to a 9 inch balloon and cut your helium requirement in HALF! A standard size 18 inch foil (mylar) balloon takes the same amount of helium as an 11 inch balloon, but lasts weeks instead of a day. So it’s a great option for customizing with your logo in times like this. Of course it also helps you avoid being associated with latex allergies, and ever present, ever expanding worry to those in the balloon world.

 Giant Cloud Buster balloons can be inflated with air and hung upside down from a ceiling directly or from netting stretched across a room or from a long fishing line. You can do this for indoor events and outdoor too. Then there are the new thick, rubbery vinyl balloons and kits that include stakes for the ground or heavy mounts. The best ones are available in about 18 different colors and seem to hold up very well according to our research.