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Solid Color Latex Balloons


Tuf-Tex and Qualatex are both premium quality American made latex solid color latex party balloons. 

All New Mirror Chrome Balloons by Kalisan Latex! Beautiful Chrome Balloons in more sizes than ever including 5 inch, and 260's.

We are constantly adding new balloon color varieties, sizes and shapes so there is sure to be the perfect latex balloom match for your special event decorating. Outdoor advertising, ceiling decor, showroom or store display, promotional giveaways, traffic stoppers or good old fashioned party decorating will all find a fun, festive colorful line of top quality latex balloons here.

  • Tuf-Tex and Qualatex Solid Color Latex Party Balloons

  • Natural Biodegradable Helium Quality Latex

  • Perfect for our Balloon Drop Kits, Arches, and All Decorating

  • Competitive Low Prices Direct to You

  • Inflatable Fun For All Ages

  • Eye Catching Balloon Advertising

  • Simple, Cost Effective Event Decorating

  • Custom Printing on Qualatex Latex Balloons

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