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Tuf-Tex Solid Color Latex Balloons

Long known for being a TUF balloon Tuf-Tex balloons are considered to be the most durable outdoor latex balloon available.  Tuf-Tex latex balloons were our first brand first distributed by us in about 1996. We began buying it for custom screen printing when we bought our first balloon printing press. Eventually we switched over to letting them print our latex balloons and focused on selling to car dealers and a few decorators.  Fast forward to sometime in 2018 when the Will family bought the 100+ year old Maple City Rubber and totally reinvented the Tuf-Tex brand. They created colors and added sizes and overnight Tuf-Tex latex balloons became a huge hit, we could not get or keep it in stock! Today production is quickly catching up and more people choose Tuf-Tex every day. We're proud and overwhelmed by the response of the team and glad to be one of the first distributors for Tuf-Tex in the U.S.  We stock 340 Tuf-Tex latex items alone, plus many packaged foil designs. The top ten best selling Tuf-Tex 11" colors (excluding black and white which are the tippy top) are Lace, Cameo, Red, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Sugar, Fog, Slate, Blossom, and Monet. We invite you to try some today!