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Order Online for Curbside Pickup or Shipping, No In-Store Shopping, All Balloons Sold Uninflated.

Free Shipping on $149 or more. $9.50 Flat Rate up to $149. Some exclusions apply.

Balloon Ties - Balloon Seals - Balloon Clips - Sticks n' Cups - Balloon Valves

Balloon Ties, Discs, Premium Balloons Seals, Jumbo Clips, Saddles, Sticks with Cups, and Valves

We offer a wide selection of balloon ties, clips & seals with or without ribbon attached!  Trusted brands like Premium Balloon Accessories, Creative Balloons Manufacturing and More.

For Helium Filled Balloons Choose Premium Balloon Seals, SafeTite Sealing Discs, E-Z Safety Seal Big Barrel Balloon Valves, Balloon Clips, Child Safe Tying Discs or EZ Balloon Discs.

For Air Filled Balloons Choose Cups and Sticks, Magic Balloon Wands, EZ Balloon Discs or Balloon Clips.

Certain items in this category ship Flat Rate or Free!

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