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Kalisan Solid Color Latex Balloons

Kalisan Latex Balloons first contacted us in January of 2021 with an offer to sample their latex balloons and their desire to break into the U.S market. They mentioned having their own Mirror Chrome latex balloon in multiple sizes and shapes which Qualatex was not offering. Our reaction was immediate and within a few weeks out first small order was on its way from Turkey. Kalisan latex balloons became a huge breakout star for us as between 2021 and 2022 interest skyrocketed and sales quickly more than doubled. Today we stock a complete line of Kalisan latex balloons with 390 sku's in plain colors, as well as about 75 Kalisan Safari printed designs. They offer very consistent quality and a unique stretchability. Top sellers are naturally Gold and Silver Mirror Chrome, followed by White Sand, Pink Blush, Hazelnut, Red, Rosewood, Desert Sand, Eucalyptus, and Caramel in the normal color range, plus Macaron Pink and Macaron Lilac on the pastels range. Try them and you will not be disappointed!