"We want a balloon drop for New Years Eve and are looking at your balloon drop kits, but... how do you do it? How hard is it?" It's definitely that time of year again because they come every day. I think it's probably the most popular set of questions we get, year round. If you've called around and been stunned by the price quotes from a qualified decorator for setting a balloon drop up for you, you're not alone. Leaving aside for the moment that your decorator is promising a result in exchange for payment, and so has plenty of liability for making sure that balloons fall at midnight, it can plainly be out of the budget to spend upwards of $1.50 or $2.00 each to have 1000 balloons fall on your guests’ heads.

Because this must happen, you set out, determined to figure how to get this balloon drop done by jumping on google and typing search phrases like mad. You see products and websites and pictures but you end up knowing little more than this: Buying the stuff... balloon nets, bags of balloons, etc, costs a fraction of the number you were quoted to hire this job! Great but why is that? Are we building a rocket or a bridge? It can't be all that!

Well, no its not ALL that but it's a little. If you've ever done it, it's a project. If you've never done it, it might as well be learning to fly. Our aim has been to provide some better information than what we can do over the phone. Something that has, you know, pictures. Or maybe some sort of instruction! Something. And so, our video beginners guide to building your balloon drop is available. Whether you're in charge of this for a Hotel, Sports Club, School, or Church, this balloon drop instructional video will give you the know-how and confidence to get the job done.

In our video we didn't set out to show every single balloon being filled, but what the process looks like, the necessary steps, and some of items you might consider having on hand to make it go smoothly.

Once you have some basic techniques down all sorts of possibilities are apparent. You can easily trim the balloon net to a smaller size if you like, or make two!

A balloon drop is not rocket engineering, and you can do it!