PVC Vinyl Balls and Balloons

  • Heavy .18 mm Thickness PVC Material
  • Sturdy inflation Valves & Parts
  • Better Durability, Less Subject to Puncture
  • Refillable, Reusable, Repairable.  Will Not Burst like a Rubber Balloon.
  • Moisture Will Not Damage Material
  • 3 foot to 5 foot - Are for Air Inflation Only - Will Not Float with Helium
  • 6 foot and Larger - Fill with Helium to Float or with Air to Hang from above.

These balloons and balls are very durable but not indestructible, so reasonable care must be exercised as with any inflatable. Instructions for use and a repair kit are included with each product. A tether line is included with models 7 foot and larger.

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