How Did We Get Here?

Incorporated in Virginia in 1989, began as a balloon delivery and decorating service in the Washington, DC region.  Product offerings were gradually expanded to include helium equipment, advertising inflatables and other related product lines.
In 1996 our first balloon printing equipment was purchased and national distribution of custom imprinted latex balloons began.  Over the succeeding years equipment was added for foil balloon and beach ball printing and the company continued to expanded its offerings of plain and imprinted products.  In 1998 we joined the online revolution launching to bring direct from the factory printing to a wider audience. 
Decorating and delivery services were discontinued in 2003 as the product imprinting and distribution side of the business grew demanding full time and attention.  Helium sales & distribution ceased in 2005 and the last of the company delivery fleet was disbanded as the business fully transformed into a national and international supplier of inflatable advertising and decorating products to business, government, non-profit  and social organizations as well as direct to consumers.  Today we produce and ship our products across the country and the world. is committed to providing our clients with premium quality products and service at affordable competitive rates.  We never sacrifice quality or service to inflate the bottom line.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about a product or service which you have received from us do not hesitate to let us know.  In addition, if you have any suggestions regarding new products that you would like to see added or ways in which we can improve our services we are always happy to hear from you.   We will continue to expand our offerings to appeal to a variety of markets and clients so keep a look out for the latest and the greatest.
Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  We will not be happy until you are happy.