36 inch Round Latex Balloons

  • Extended Floating for Car Dealers, Apartment Leasing and Home Builders
  • Premium Size for the Longest Lasting Displays
  • Longest Floating Latex Balloon for Outdoor Decorations or Promotions
  • Each Balloon Requires 14 cubic feet of Helium
  • Float Time 3-5 Days Under Climate Controlled Conditions
  • Outdoor Use in Hot Weather Will Shorten Float Time
  • Air Fill for Long Lasting Display - Remember They Will Not Float

Sold individually so feel free to mix and match to your heart's content.

Our 36 inch latex balloons are manufactured on round molds giving them an almost perfect spherical shape.

Order 10 - 49 Stock 36 inch Latex Balloons & Receive 10% Discount

Order 50 or more Stock 36 inch Latex Balloons & Receive 20% Discount