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Balloon Inflator Air Blower - Heavy Duty Electric

Balloon Inflator Air Blower - Heavy Duty Electric

A larger more powerful version of our medium duty inflator/deflator, this unit is ideal for rapid inflation of giant balloons, pool toys, boats, etc.  This unit is designed to sit upright on any flat surface and blow high volumes of air for extended periods of time which makes it especially suited for inflating balloons for balloon drops.  This unit is not designed to be used as a deflation device. All metal case, two different sized adaptors, carry handle are included.  Made in the USA. 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty. Team Balloons Direct has had two of these units in regular commercial service for more than 22 years. 

Warranty or returns must be handled directly with the manufacturer.  Information cards are provided with the product.  BalloonsDirect is not able to accept returns on this item or handle warranty claims.